Stacking Stones

I stack the stones by size
until they rise to five feet
like donuts stacked on a stick
why can’t I ask you
force myself into your eyes
like I force the rocks to obey gravity?

Let me love you
like the rocks love each other
smooth faces pressed together
their imperfections
save them.

We count them
and hope for an answer
rake the sand around them
make them uneven
we hear their talk in our sleep.

The rocks are not so much rocks but
different colors bathing the sand
we stack the color and
raise a myth
when we retell it.

We stack fire
the fire heats the stone
a single bird chirps in a tree
we can never find it
it burns our ears.

The caption reads like a prescription
stack the stones like this
we do not read instructions.

Stone strikes stone
a kind of music
music that can kill
we listen to our heart beats when we dream
the sound of the stone kills our sleep.

There is no gravity when we dream
rocks of fire, stone
the bird has learned to sound like a rock
he answers us
we hear what we want to hear.

Published in Red River Review, May 2002

This was the poem that inspired the cover of my new management book, Management by Design


~ by danielwrasmus on December 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Stacking Stones”

  1. I like the verses in this poem and especially enjoy the first sentence of the last verse, dreams really do allow us to “interpret” anything we want from them.

  2. Learned about you from your article on innovation and the need to know how to write poetry. I linked it here:

    I am also a poet who does economics (or is it vice versa?).

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